Tuesday, September 20, 2005


grafitti - a letter from Phase 2 aka True Mathematics

Interesting. Big up to the TATS brothers
Still you cats and the so called..."GRAFF"....nation need to recognize and realize...this...and it's far from an opinion...

Graffitti is primitive and it's for kids!!! Even if these brothers call what they do Graffitti....it's way more than that...and the world..the socalled writers and the media need to start to give Aerosol Culture and the highest degree of elements and art in it...more credit.

The very first generation never called it GRAFFITI...in the first place...they called it writing...which was actually their own style and reinterpretation of the English language... As long as you and whoever continue to view it as..."graffiti art"...it will be nothing more than that...and it (that terminology) will never say much no matter what the art looks like.
The same so called authorities that gave us inappropriate "appropriations" such as...NEGRO and (AMERICAN) INDIAN are the same ones who blessed us with nonsense like labeling our culture"graffiti"...Was it really their sincere intentions to serve justice to anyone connected to these absurdities???

It appears to be that...as long as writing and aerosol art is being done by "niggers*" wiggers* and "spics*" (the word *graffiti...is the equivalent) and not the so called upper echelon of acceptable so called artists and or individuals ...or even freaks...(Haring.. Basquait..Sharf) that it will continue to be viewed as far less than the incredible art and culture that it is...The proof is in the 30 plus years of it's existence and it's placement and perception in the world at large...




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