Monday, May 02, 2005


Rap vs Hip Hop

This is an old argument that haunts Hip Hop. I'm only bringing this up because I got an email from Cornerstone promoting a Hip Hop week on MTV. I went and checked it out, but only saw popular commercial rap artist on it. Where's the Hip Hop! The artist there featuring has some Hip Hop elements in their music, but there not 100% Hip Hop.

I know that, probably everyone who reads this blog is up on what Hip Hop is, but in case you don't. Hip Hop is a culture that was created in the late 1970's to counter the gang violence that was happening in the streets of New York City. Under privileged youth, which were predominantly Black and Hispanic, created a dance style (B-Boying) that came from numerous dances. At the same time, Disc Jockys like Kool Herc, Grand Master Flash and Grand Wizard Theodore, were mixing certain breaks in records that these B-Boys AKA Break-Boys, where Break Dancing comes from, would dance too. During this incredible spectacular, you had Emcees, who host the parties, rapping and shouting out the crowd over these breaks. Graffiti art, which was already bubbling in New York, was incorporated into this growing culture. B-Boys, DJ's and Emcees would have graffiti artist paint something on their jacket, pants, shirts, hats and what ever they were feeling at the time, to show appreciation for the culture. If you would like a deeper explanation of what Hip Hop is, respond to this comment with your questions. I first experienced the culture in the late seventies in the Bronx so I have a fair idea of what Hip Hop is and I definitely know what it isn't, and that's high paid commercial rappers. This 20 + years of Hip Hop culture is a lot more than that.



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