Monday, April 25, 2005


The forgotton genocide

April 24th, 1915
The world commemorates this as the beginning of the 20th Century's first genocide. The beginning of a campaign of annihiliation launched by the words of Talaat Pasha, Ottoman Turkish leader,
"Kill every Armenian woman, child and man without concern for anything"

The Armenian Genocide of World War I is sometimes called the forgotten genocide since it happened some 90 years ago, and it has left the public mind. On the other hand, it is still a living issue to the survivors and their progeny, as well as to all right thinking people who believe that all genocides must be accounted for. Many scholars and intellectuals have argued that if the Allies had punished the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide after the war, namely the leaders of the Young Turk party of the then Ottoman Government of Turkey, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis would not have carried out the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. After all, Hitler read about the Armenian Genocide in his contemporary newspapers while he was a corporal in the German army and his bosom friend, Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter was actually one of the hundreds of foreign witnesses to mass killings of Armenians during WWI and notified the German Foreign Office, allies of the Turks, that the Turkish Government was attempting to eradicate the Armenian population of the Empire. It is worth looking into whether other Germans who were in Turkey during the Armenian Genocide later became active in the Nazi Party.

1.5 million Armenian's were massacred becuase of a possible future threat and because they were Christian. Our so-called Christian president does not recognize this!


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