Thursday, September 08, 2005


George Bush doesn't care about black people

This was a very bold statement that Kanye West said on live TV. He basically took this whole situation and gave his opinion. You have to have a lot of nerve to call out a commander in chief of a country, but I feel the non-actions taken by our government allowed Kanye to say what he did.

Hurricane Katrina didn’t hit the U.S. in 20 minutes, like the Tsunami during the Christmas season last year. Our government knew this hurricane was going to hit our land and didn’t prepare for it. They had over a week to prepare for the damage. Was it because of the demographics of the race that lives in the south that were affected by Katrina? Who knows? But the fact is that the U.S. military has dozens of military bases located in the south that could have easily prepared for the worst. Let’s say that the government was 100% convinced that Katrina wasn’t going to hit land. Our military could of still mobilized tens of thousands of troops within 24 hours and help the victims. The U.S. military is the most advanced and best prepared military in the world. They could have built bridges, helped evacuate, pump the water out, etc. etc., right when Katrina hit, but the commander in chief decided not too. Why, we’ll never really know. But the next time you decide not to vote, remember your non-vote helped elect a president that chose not to help you when you really needed it.


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Big mistake Kanye, oh well it didn't hurt him as much as I thought it would

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