Thursday, July 14, 2005


11 Years and counting

Today is Fat Beats 11th year anniversary. Yes we have been around for 11 years.
There's still some real Hip Hop out their and we will try our best to preserve the art form in its original form. We also have changed with the times but we will always support deejays, emcees, b-boys & graf artist as collectively known as Hip Hop.
Fat Beats is and always will be your last stop for Hip Hop.

Thanks to God and all the staff at Fat Beats for keeping our doors open for 11 years.

DJ Jab,

A hearty congratulations is due to yourself and your dedicated staff through the years. It is wonderful that you have reached 11 years and counting in the Vinyl etc. industry. I have had the pleasure of watching a small specialty store grow to multiple locations worldwide, to manufacturing and distributing, and to a great culture preserver and updater. I have been blessed to visit all three locations over the years, and will continue to stick by you and your vision.

It all started for me when I placed a mail order in December of 1996. Some of the best hip-hop of our modern era came to me. Most of it I knew about, but some of it was recommended by your staff. That order brough me such classics as the first two Non-Phixion 12"s, Siah and Yeshua EP, DJ Three mixtape(classic), Jugganots LP etc. Thanks for helping push hip-hop in a continual good direction. Thanks for expanding the type of things you carry over the years to include good underground from all over such as Rhymesayers, LA underground etc.

May God's blessings continue to be on you and your vision.

Matt Wright
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