Wednesday, June 29, 2005


more hip hop

Yesterday was an interesting day. Maceo from De La Soul calls me up about a demo we been talking about. He invites me to his show, that's going on at Central Park. So I go up to his hotel to meet him, in order to guarantee entrance. Now I'm chillin with the whole De La crew and Dres from Blacksheep. On our way to the park Dres and Maceo are kicking it about the Hip Hop game. When we arrive to the park we run into Sadat X who comes into the V.I.P. area with us. MF Doom was in the middle of his set at the time. There must be around 5,000 people there. I see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time like Mos Def, DJ Premier, Cognito from Mass Influence, Just Ice, Psycho Les, and Destroy from the Arsonists. I also met Marc Ecko and did an interview for Sirius radio. Right after MF Doom's show, DJ Premier spun a wave of classic Hip Hop, and he used wax. De La comes on and kills it, like they usually do. They bring out Mos, Sadat, and Dres and do Rock Co. Kane Flow with MF Doom. After them DJ Premier rips it again and then The Roots come on.

It was a great show except for the fact that the music sounded a lot better than the emcees, due to them cutting out some of their voice, by cuffing the microphone. Otherwise NYC, the home of Hip Hop still represents for the real Hip Hop heads.


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