Monday, May 30, 2005


the art of a disc jockey

When deejaying first started, people used two turntables and a device to switch from one of the tables to another. Well, the art form has well advanced since the early days. But has it gone to a point where the original form has almost disappeared. I'll explain:

The art of a Hip Hop disc jockey consists of many skills.
1. Vinyl is essential. These days their are a lot of tracks that are not available on vinyl, so the use of a CD player helps, but if it's on vinyl, then that's what you need to use. Vinyl is sheet music while everything else is a digital recording of music.
A lazy DJ that's not into the Hip Hop art form will supplement the use of vinyl with lame excuses.
2. You must learn how to properly mark your vinyl and BPM it. Putting your records into plastic covers helps preserve the covers also.
You must also group your records for easy findings.
3. Now you must practice your mix. Needle dropping at the breaks in songs, cueing up records, mixing, scratching, blending, is all part of the art form. If you get rid of any of these, then your not fully a Hip Hop DJ.

A lot of DJ's old and new have supplemented the art form to make it easier for them to rock a party. To the end customer, party people, it all sounds good, because most people are not checking for disc jockey skills when they are at the club. But for us DJ's that worked very hard at establishing and maintaining the art form of Hip Hop, it hurts when you see a so-called DJ not using one piece of wax in his set. It's like going to see Beethoven play the piano compared to some techno kid playing a synthesizer. You'll get good sounds from both, but it's obvious whom the master is.

In case you forgot or never seen a real DJ rock a party the way it supposed to be, then check out DJ J-Rocc, when ever you get a chance. If more DJ's thought and spun like him, then maybe corporate America would not have its claws so deep into Hip Hop!

Peace to all the DJ's that still use wax.


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