Saturday, April 23, 2005


music industry managers

What are managers supposed to do for their artist?
A manager should look out for the best interest, of their artist. This means sometimes making decisions that the artist might not like. It also means making decisions that will benefit their artist in the long term.

A manager should have a plan for their artist. I have see dozens of managers book theirs artist for gigs and events, without a plan of attack or something to promote. For instance, if you going to do shows, a tour, in-store signings or appearances, make sure you have something to promote or sell or giveaway. Even if it is a website address for fans to go to that explains what is going on with the artist. A manger should know about release schedules and how to release product and who to target the product too. They should have a general understanding of the costs involved in recording records and what recoupable expenses are.

Though most managers are trying their best for the artist, their lack of knowledge has hurt many artists. I have seen so much talent get miss-guided by managers who thought they were helping their artist because, say; they got a nice fat advance for this project. What they do not realize is because that recoupable advance was so high, the label now does not have the proper money to market and promote the project the right way and the artist never sees any royalty checks. Then this talented artist with no plan and no home has to go to other labels to try to put out their next project. I have seen about a dozen labels go out of business because of high recording budgets and in-proper marketing plans.

Managers should know whom their competing with. Not in battle terms, but if you have a project that you plan on releasing on a certain day, you need to know what other projects in your genre are coming out on that same day or after. What is the set up for the project? What marketing happens on what dates and who is getting serviced? How long is the promotion campaign for. How many singles are going to be released commercially and for press?

The list goes on and on about what mangers should do for their artist. I suggest study the past and do not make the same mistakes that almost the whole rap industry has made. (Chasing checks) A well-executed plan will last a lot longer than a big advance.


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