Wednesday, January 12, 2005



Today I went to the Martha Cooper HIP-HOP FILES photographs 1979 - 1984 book
opening for her new book. A lot of pioneers were in the house including Charlie Ahearn,
(producer of Wild Style), Henry Chalfant, (producer of Style Wars), Lee, Dr. Revolt

Ken Swift, Crazy Legs and several other pioneers. The pure Hip Hop energy was in full
effect as I scoped out the classic photo's.

As I went toward the DJ booth I noticed he wasn't touching the turntables. When I went

to investigate, I saw that he has some computer hooked up to the mixer. I looked for
his crates but didn't find any. What I did see was a funny looing cd player and stacks of
CD's. I was crushed. At this type of event the DJ, (which stands for DISC JOCKEY), sold
out and didn't have one piece of wax. If these guys don't support what help started this art
form, how are the new generation going to continue the legacy of Kool Herc, Grand Master
Flash and Africa Bambatta!

I've def. seen some cats rip it on CD's like Biz and D-Nice, but I completely agree: it's sad that they couldn't even have gotten a classic "old school" DJ to spin at an event like that or at least someone who honors the true roots of hip hop DJ-ing.

Sadly, the new generation doesn't respect the "wheels of steel" ethos we all came up on. I've just about accepted CD DJ-ing (grudgingly) but when I see cats on this laptop sh-t I'm like: "C'mon on!"

Here's another link you might want to read on the whole debate about the "inter-generational divide" in hip hop sparked from Greg Tate's article in The Village Voice a couple weeks ago.
the problem is that digital is MUCH more convinient in terms of space, money, and availability. although listening to dj's on wax is still better.
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