Saturday, December 11, 2004



Things an artist should do to promote their project

Be involved: If your signed to a label whether indi or major, make it your business to attend all the marketing and promotion meetings. Learn what it takes to get your project out to the media and retail. Find out all the costs involved and how much of it is coming out of your budget.

Publicity: Know who the publicist is and their capability of handling a project like yours. Make sure you do not over spend. Find out which media branches are being targeted and if it fits your genre. Ask for interviews in magazines, web-sites, and radio.

Timing: Make sure the label and all involved in the campaign, promote the project early enough for the release of the project.

Artist: The number one promoter of a project are the artist themselves. After you done all of the above, your real job starts. Make sure to do as many radio runs as you can. If you do any promo or paid shows, do in-store appearances at the local record store and hype yourself and the show up. Be a people person. Interact with the fans as much as you can. Leave a positive lasting impression on your fans wherever you may be.



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