Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Live rap shows

Whenever you perform, you want to put on your best show. I am sorry to say this but rap shows these days can be quite boring and bad sounding. It is an age-old problem with young rappers coming up in the game. Here are some suggestions on how to make your show better:

Do a sound check: Become friends with the soundman. Have one of your peeps in the audience listen for a balance between your voice and the music. If there is more than one MC, make sure the adlibs are not too loud. Do not yell, if your not yelling on the original track. You want to sound as close to the studio recording of the song.

Do not cuff the microphone: I know it looks cool, but it sounds horrible. Especially in small clubs that do not have the best systems. If you do not cuff the mic when you record, then the same applies when you perform.

Put a set together: As an artist, you should have a few sets ready to go. I suggest putting together a 10-minute set, 20-minutes, and a half hour set. These set times will vary based on how big you are. Your set should consist of one too two verses of a song based on how many emcees are in the group.

Do songs back to back without breaks: Rappers should not do a whole song and stop type show, unless you have a band that is playing instruments. Come out with a banger, go into some album cuts, and then after you impressed the crowd with all your energy, stop, and talk a little. Then go right back into the show.

Remember what tracks put you on the map and end with those. This will get your original fans psyched. Remember your putting on a performance rather than just rapping over your tracks!

Good luck!


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