Friday, November 26, 2004



So, United States has taken a lead to conduct a war on terrorism to protect our freedom. All of us that are legally in the United States should appreciate our freedom and be thankful that God has placed us here for what ever reason.

War on terrorism for our freedom. The only people that can take a countries freedom away, is it's own government. So, if a person for whatever reason, bombs a U.S. Naval ship; Is that taking away our freedom? If extreme militants in other regions of the world do not like America's presence and policies in their land because of their corrupt government, and they attack a site that has U.S. interest, Is that taking away are freedom? It's great to have freedom, but what is the freedom that we prize so much.
Freedom of speech:, unless your comments dis-please certain people you will be fined, sued, banned from radio, or disappear.
Freedom of religion: = freedom of no faith due to men who have corrupted the beautiful religions for us.
Freedom to vote: But somehow, the best person for office is never on the ballet or just has no chance to win.
I can go on and on, but you get the point. What is our government fighting for? A safer world, freedom, control of the worlds oil, power, money? Do we, or will we ever know? The world has had corrupt governments for thousands of years and will continue to do so at innocent humans expense. We as humans, regardless of sex, size, color, or religion need to mend our differences and use our brains over brawn to settle differences. If we continue to follow corrupt governments, how much have we advanced since the barbaric days of the Roman Empire?


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